Early Life and Current Pursuits

I’m a Montana girl who grew up in the university town of Missoula. I was editor of my high school newspaper, a Thespian who acted in school plays and a member of 4-H. I collected bugs and butterflies and made most of my own clothes. I even earned blue ribbons at the County Fair. I worked after school and was active in my church youth group.

Now I love the city. I’ve lived in San Francisco since 1982, where I’ve worked, raised my daughter and married the love of my life.  My current leisure pursuits include travel, the theatre, time with friends, reading and visits with my grandsons.

My Strengths, Beliefs and Values

I’m a learner, an observer, a facilitator, an organizer and a reflector who likes to get things done with others. I’m also a writer, a storyteller and an author offering perspective, experience and insight.

I’ve spent my life helping others learn by listening, reframing, questioning and offering support and insight as a coach, facilitator, consultant, teacher and storyteller.

I’m a believer in social justice as the foundation of democracy. Social justice happens when we all have voice, participation, opportunity, dignity and respect even if we disagree. We can open minds and hearts when others feel heard, respected and included.

I take time to be present, grounded, and centered. I want to contribute to others by giving of my time, resources, skills, acknowledgement and appreciation. I am grateful for the many opportunities, experiences and people in my life.

Career and Beyond

During my career, I specialized in serving executives and managers as a leadership coach and organizational consultant for over thirty-five years. I taught organization psychology and founded The 3rd Act, a program whose mission supports positive aging. When I moved into my own third act, I began a genealogical journey to uncover the details of my grandparents’ lives. I concluded that the story needed to be told as fiction and Sarah’s Secret became my debut novel. It is the culmination of my long-held desire to tell the family story and confirm the whispered rumors about my grandfather.

Author Experience

My previous writing focused on non-fiction work, including the second edition of Consulting on the Inside, which I co-authored with Kim Barnes, in 2011. I have written many professional articles and contributed to “70 Things to Do When You Turn 70” edited by Ronnie Sellers and Mark Chimsky. I blog on several sites, including my own, “The Writing Life” on