Book Review: “Role Montage: A Creative New Way to Discover the Leader Within You” by Jan Schmuckler

Reviewed by Bev Scott

Becoming a Leader

Newly appointed managers or supervisors find it challenging to learn to become a leader. And, finding a mentor to help is often not possible. However, Jan Schmuckler provides us with a clear and helpful process to find our own leadership style within ourselves. How I wish I had such a guide when I was a new, young manager! In this book, Jan emphasizes self-awareness which is key to becoming a successful in leading people. She guides the reader through the steps of identifying the qualities in others both real and fiction that we admire. The reader can then create the “montage” of the leader we would like to be.

This is a must-have guidebook for every new or developing manager.

Author information: Jan Schmuckler.
From Jan’s website:

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, leaders and companies can only be as successful as their willingness to learn and develop effective leadership strategies.

Jan partners with you to develop your leadership and self-awareness. With her expertise and coaching experience, you will be a stronger business participant in today’s marketplace.

Role Montage: A Creative New Way to Discover the Leader Within You is written from Jan’s experience with her client work and her research. It helps leaders explore self-awareness and leadership using the role montage process.