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Book Review: “Online Marketing for Busy Authors” by Fauzia Burke

Reviewed by Bev Scott

Book Review - Online Marketing


This small book is packed with tips, advice, suggestions and literal steps to plan and implement a marketing plan for authors who know little or even hate marketing.  Fauzia Burke takes your hand and guides you step by step.  She begins with your dreams, helps you establish your priorities, tells you how to implement and closes with the importance of on-going sales monitoring of your published book.  She gives helpful tips and advice to implement an online marketing plan including a website, mailing list, blog and social media.  Her recommendations hold for first-time self-published authors as well as the experienced or traditionally published.

Ms. Burke has devoted her career to marketing authors and supports her advice by including stories of her coaching and support for authors.  She writes with a clear direct style that encourages me to sit down and follow her advice step by step.

I recommend this book for all of us who are authors resisting and reluctant to market ourselves and our books.  Burke provides an easy to guide to help us overcome our foot-dragging.  I am motivated get started creating the marketing plan for my book.

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Reviewed by:  Bev Scott, March 7, 2016




  • I must say, you are trying! Not very interested in an albumn of yesterday. Not sure why you are doing this. Still think it may be lionizing the Scott’s which is ok by me. We are all important!

  • Hi Fran,
    Thank you for commenting. You may not agree, but I wanted to provide a brief explanation.

    I am writing fiction so the Scott name isn’t even mentioned except for mine as the author. I am doing what is common and expected to market a self-published book…build an “author’s platform” before the book is published. The book reviewed in this post is helpful in providing suggestions and directions for the author platform. I am enjoying the research, the writing, reading and the communication which are all part of my writing project..

    I appreciate your commenting.


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