“Story Power, Secrets to Creating, Crafting and Telling Memorable Stories” by Kate Farrell

Reviewed by Bev Scott

Story Power by Kate Farrell. Storytelling

What is story power? The power of story is articulated in the foreword written by Susan Wittig Albert and guided by the examples, the process and the steps described by the author, Kate Farrell. Storytelling is so much apart of our lives as we share experiences, give advice and educate our children. We tell ourselves stories to explain our lives. We collectively tell stories and realize that others have common experiences. In the process we heal our pain, understand ourselves differently, discover community and even find a new identity. 

Storytelling is art

“We are all a story, a life story.”

Although all of us tell stories, we may not all realize how our stories can engage the listener, offer healing, be more powerful, and have greater impact. Farrell tells us how. She shares diverse examples to reveal the many possibilities and types of stories. These stories not only engage the reader but they help us understand the process of creating, crafting and telling stories. She offers exercises and prompts and delineates the “Seven Stops to Storytelling” demystifying the art of entertaining and meaningful storytelling. 

I highly recommend this lively, well-written primer to becoming a master storyteller.

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