Book Review: “The Huntress” by Kate Quinn

Reviewed by Bev Scott

In The Huntress, Kate Quinn has interwoven a spellbinding story of three characters. We find disciplined British war correspondent turned Nazi hunter, Ian Graham, with Nina Markova. Nina, a brazen Russian bomber pilot, joins the feared all-female Night Witches. Finally, young Jordan McBride is growing up in Boston shortly after World War II. Despite her father’s opposition, Jordan has decided to become a photographer. As Quinn deftly alternates the background stories of these three protagonists, she draws the reader into the mystery of Die Jagerin

As each story unfolds, we not only learn about the character but also learn the secrets each carries. Ultimately the secrets reveal the identity of the calculating Nazi murderess, known as the Huntress. Throughout, the author explores individual motivations in the Nazi hunters’ pursuit of truth, justice and retribution. I found it refreshing to see how Quinn centers this story on three women who defy the societal expectations of women in the post-war years. Their lives intersect richly in detailed descriptions, unpredictability and suspense.  

I highly recommend this masterful suspense story which also includes three delightful love stories.

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