“Outliers:” Artists and Independent Authors

Outlier Artists Get Their Due Many outlier artists originate from the populations of African Americans, women, disabled people or prisoners. They lack the agency or access to traditional path. So, at one time the public largely disregarded or forgot them. I learned about their engaging art, which communicates strong messages and offers fascinating perspectives in […]

Racism in the Little House Books?

Laura Ingalls Wilder is in the book news again.  There are calls to remove her books from children’s libraries! ALA re-considers its award name The American Library Association (ALA) is considering removing her name from their life-time achievement in children’s literature award. The librarians are re-considering the name of the medal based on the treatment of Native Americans […]

The Lone Ranger was Black*

Was the Lone Ranger modeled after Bass Reeves, the first black U.S. deputy marshal who worked thirty-two years in the Arkansas and Oklahoma territories in the late 1800’s?  He may have been. History Is Biased “The Lone Ranger was Black: Reintegrating Minority Viewpoints into Historical Fiction.” This title intrigued me. I found this session at the Historical […]