Book Review: “Inheritance, a Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity and Love” by Dani Shapiro

Reviewed by Bev Scott Inheritance by Dani Shapiro, describes her emotional journey when she discovered through DNA testing that she was not related to her older sister, Susie. Susie was the daughter of her father from an earlier marriage. The older sister looked like her Jewish father who Shapiro always revered. Instead, she was different…pale skin, blond […]

History vs. Genealogy vs. Historical Fiction

History vs. Genealogy is about what matters, and to whom. And how does the historical fiction writer use them? History and genealogy…are two radically divergent views on the past.  The first says “This matters.” The second says, “This matters to me.”  John Sedgwick in the New York Times Historians such as John Sedgwick tend to scoff at […]