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7 Jan
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Book Review: “On the Brink of Everything. Grace, Gravity and Getting Old” by Parker J. Palmer


Reviewed by Bev Scott

On the Brink of EverythingAccording to the calendar, I am “old” and most people hearing my age would agree. But I have been unwilling to consider myself “old.” As Palmer says, “Old is just another word for nothing left to lose, a time of life to take bigger risks on behalf of the common good.” I am grateful to stand where I am, with the perspective, learning and experience my life has given me. Parker J. Palmer reveals his sense of humor as he points out that he is “not given to waxing romantic about aging and dying…simply know(ing) that the first is a privilege and the second is not up for negotiation.” I value the privilege.

Yet, On the Brink… is not age-bound. The insights call to anyone who is open to self-exploration, curious about the world and hungry to learn. Palmer also offers a way to find the benefits and joys in aging rather than suffering the bitterness of loss and failure. I find so much confirmation in this small book which offers us a manifesto for engaging life with awe, gratitude, curiosity and openness. Palmer invites us in to his own courageous exploration of both his brokenness and his achievement. With that invitation he calls us to confront our selves and to learn who we are in the present.

Reading On the Brink of Everything was for me like having an intimate conversation with a wise and humble friend willing to share his insights. I highly recommend this book.

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