8 Aug

Thank You! Now, the Sub-Title

Help Me with My Book Sub-Title!


Thank you to those of you who made suggestions and contributed ideas for the title of my new book. You are great friends and supporters! It was so helpful for me to see what you liked and endorsed. I gave it much thought and as a result I have narrowed it to the following title:


BUT I would love your suggestions and thoughts about a sub-title. I am interested in getting either words or images of the West or Western themes. What are your suggestions???

Thanks so much for your help.

Here is a short summary of the book or you can read the longer synopsis of the book I included in my last post requesting your help in choosing the title.


The story is told from the perspective of two protagonists. In the 1880’s, Sam, irresponsible, lonely and untrustworthy has abandoned those he loves until he seeks redemption and marries Sarah. In 1911, Sara, struggling to find the inner strength to overcome loneliness, poverty and illness to support her children after Sam’s death. After a perilous journey by wagon from New Mexico to Nebraska, she learns of Sam’s betrayal. Will Sarah find forgiveness in her heart and the resolve to accept her new life alone?



  • Keeping it Short sounds like a good idea to this household….

  • A vulnerable woman’s harsh journey into a world called the Wicked Wild West

    One Wicked Wild West Revelation Revealed

    The Wicked Wild West as seen through vulnerable eyes

  • Here are some free associations for your review for Sub-titles:
    The Life of a Lie
    Living a Lie
    A Life Built on a Lie
    Riding a Lie
    Destiny of a Lie
    Genealogy of a Lie
    Dodging a Lie
    Lassoing a Lie
    Big Sky Lie (not sure if any of the story is set in Montana)
    By Hook or Crook
    and forgive me…
    A Tumbleweed of Lies


So, what do you think?

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